A noted St. Louis landmark, The Christian Peper building has been a Laclede’s Landing fixture since the end of the 19th century. It’s rich history begins with the development of an industry, includes the development of our region, and will move into the future with the development of a vibrant, exciting metropolitan community.


Built by the Christian Peper Tobacco Company at the end of the 19th century, the structure was a testament to St. Louis’ role in a booming tobacco industry. The red brick building was intended to store tobacco products, and architect A.M. Beinke designed the space to seamlessly blend with the style of other riverfront structures already serving the company’s production needs. 


The Christian Peper building can be seen from the Eads Bridge, and offers residents expansive views of the Gateway Arch, downtown skyline and the Mississippi River. That access served the structure well, as initial occupants would roll large barrels of tobacco products across slanted plank floors and down to the levee for transport.


That focus on transportation carried over to more recent residents, as the St. Louis Metro transit system used the building as their operational headquarters until 2015. The six-story warehouse provided ample space for an agency dedicated to moving the region forward and connecting a larger community.


Such a rich history of progress and connections can only lead to greater opportunity for the residents of – and the community surrounding – the Christian Peper building. We’re excited to welcome a new generation to The Peper Lofts with an elegant blend of historic value and modern style. Because our story is just beginning.